Yeti Cluster

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This is instructions for users from the Dept. of Statistics for the new (as of Oct 2013) Torque-based Linux cluster at Columbia.

  1. Online user documentation can be found here:

  1. All questions regarding use of the cluster can be sent to the usual address: As we are now supporting both Hotfoot and Yeti, it will make things easier for us if you mention which of the two clusters your question involves.

  2. Yeti can be accessed by making an ssh connection to

  3. Your Yeti group for submitting jobs is yetistats

  4. Scratch storage is located at /vega/stats

  5. In order to make transition easier, Hotfoot scratch directories have been mounted on /hotfoot on the Yeti head nodes. This means, for example, that if you work on /hpc/stats/users/rl2226 on Hotfoot you'll find your files at /hotfoot/stats/users/rl2226 on Yeti. Note that /hotfoot is being made available for file transfer only - your jobs will not have access to these directories.

Questions or comments can be sent to

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