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Installation on Mac

Easy installation requires Homebrew.


  1. brew tap jasonmp85/iwyu
  2. brew install iwyu

More details:

Running include-what-you-use on the parser

Once iwyu has been installed:

make -k test/test-models/stanc CC=iwyu &> iwyu.out

Inspect iwyu.out.

More info:

  • -k flag continues running make in the presence of errors. iwyu always returns an error code, so omitting that will stop at the first compilation.
  • CC=iwyu just replaces the compiler with iwyu. iwyu doesn't support the full set of compiler flags, so it'll put up warnings about some of our compiler flags.
  • &> iwyu.out just grabs the output in both the stdout and stderr and puts it into iwyu.out.

Running include-what-you-use on the rest of the code base

I haven't figured it out yet.

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