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Droixbench is a collection of 24 reproducible crashes in open-source Android apps.

To replay the event sequences leading to the crash, follow the steps below:

  1. Install the apk adb install <subject>.apk
  2. Follow the setup instructions (creating account) in the "README.txt".
  3. Run the "" in this folder with monkeyrunner.
monkeyrunner <testscript> <package-name>

package-name can be obtained by using the following command:

aapt dump badging <subject>.apk | awk '/package/{gsub(\"name=|'\"'\"'\",\"\");  print $2}'

For example, $HOME/Android/Sdk/tools/bin/monkeyrunner $HOME/droix/droixbench/Transistor1.1.5/transistor-21 org.y20k.transistor

*Note that the replay script could be replayed only in emulator create in Android Studio: Nexus 5X, API24, x84-64. As the resolution may be different in other emulator, the script will need to be re-recorded for other emulator.

Each subdirectory represents a defect that causes crash in an buggy APK. The contents of each subdirectory includes:

  1. A buggy APK that contains a given defect
  2. A script file with specific UI event sequences to reproduce the crash


A benchmark that contains 24 reproducible crashes in open source Android apps



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