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Open Source E-Bike Controller


See pages 01 ... 05

A tutorial in german language is available also: German


Q: Can I use a KT36/48 ZWS type controller

A: As the ZWS type has no phase current sensor, you can't use the simplified FOC with it. You can disable FOC in the setup, but the motor will not run with best efficiency in this case. Much energy will be blown into heat. It's better to use KT36/48 SVP type.

Q: Can I use the controller without a display?

A: Yes, you have to connect the red to the blue wire of the display connector to switch on the system. If you have no switch in your battery, you can install a little switch to the display connector, the current on the blue wire is quite small, so you don't need a big switch.

Q: The motor doesn't turn, just makes noise and draws current.

A: Make sure, that you have chosen the right hall- and phasewire combination. There are many possible combinations, only one works properly. If the motor still doesn't start, try different values for Motor specific angle. Try in both directions in steps of 5

Q: The command window shows errors while compiling and/or flashing.


  1. Please make sure, that you've activated the option to set the path automatically during the SDCC installation process.

  2. Please check, if the STVP_CmdLine.exe is located in this path

C:\Program Files (x86)\STMicroelectronics\st_toolset\stvp

If not, please adapt the first line of the start_compiling.bat and write_optionbytes.bat according to your file system.

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