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Live blogging IRC channels to the web
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amqp.php Added initial attempts to do send and receive of AMQP
filewriter.php working version - prior to release cleanup
irc.php Update to current working version
receive.php test programs working
send.php Update to current working version
target.html working version - prior to release cleanup



The idea of this project is to allow a webpage to be updated 
in realtime with the contents of an IRC channel. 

The original inspiration was the LOPSA-Live meetings of the 
League of Professional System Administrators (

The key files are irc.php, which includes the code for connecting 
to IRC, creating the AMQP exchange, and sending IRC updates to it. 

Also necessary is filewriter.php, which reads the queue and 
creates an array, then writes JSON output to the flat file, which
is eventually fed into the browser by the target.html page. 


Net_SmartPHP ( 
AMQP Broker (I used RabbitMQ (
amqp library in PECL ( 


Basically, move target.html wherever you want, adjust it to 
point to wherever you want the json output file to live, and
that's about it, other than running irc.php prior to filewriter.php
so that the exchange can be created. 

This software is very...fresh. Forgive it of its weaknesses. 

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