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Draw lightsabers using Racket's pict library
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Draw lightsabers using Racket's pict library (


Created for Stephen De Gabrielle's Summer 2019 standard-fish competition

The lightsaber function produces a pict of a lightsaber. The only required argument is a color, which can be either a color name or a color% object. A length can be provided as an optional argument, as well as a style for the lightsaber hilt. The default hilt is Luke Skywalker's (#:style 'luke), but you can also select Darth Vader's (#:style 'vader), Kylo Ren's (#:style 'kylo), or Darth Maul's (#:style 'maul). See racket-lightsaber.png for examples of each.

Modification History

07/27/2019 Justin Zamora Initial creation

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