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'Summer standard fish competition 2019'
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Summer standard fish competition 2019

Ifish saying hello

Competition: Make an image with Racket this summer! Win stickers!


  • you can make images any way you like. I suggest pict or 2htdp/image, but you can use whatever you like!
  • Images can be of anything. Images do not have to be of fish. There is no advantage in fish images.
  • You can enter as many times as you like.

It is easy to enter - just post your entry on racket-users, either by email or via google groups, with the prefix '[standard-fish]' just like this email.


Please remember to put [standard-fish] at the begining of the email subject line so I can easily identfy your entry.

You can paste your code onto the the end of your message, or inlcude a link to a GitLab or GitHub repository/file, a GitHub Gist, or anything else appropriate.

  • I don't recommend using attachments on the mailing list/google groups.

What will you win? I'll send Racket stickers to the top 10 winners!

Closing date: 1 September 2019 judging will take place in the first two weeks of September, and winners will be announced 14 September. (I'm away for most of August so I look forward to seeing your creations on my return)

Note: Not an official Racket competition. I am not a member of the Racket team, nor am I doing this on their behalf. I am covering the cost of the stickers and postage.

Any questions: email me at spdegabrielle at gmail dot com

Have a good summer holidays!


Need help getting started?

'In case it's of interest, enclosed is some code extracted from one of my talks. Start by running "demo.rkt". Someone might be interested to play with it or turn it into something better. Since there is no documentation, that someone would have to read the code to extract the various acceptable values for arguments. The most obvious direction for improvement is that choices like hair style and color should have been separated into different arguments."

Having trouble? - ask a question on racket-users. You can also try stack-overflow and reddit but YMMV.


Tools you can use to make your entries:

The Lindenmayer language provides a language for running and interpreting Lindenmayer Systems. In general L-systems are useful for modeling plant growth, procedural content generation, and making pretty pictures:


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