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This module saves you (and others!) time in three ways:

- **No configuration.** The easiest way to enforce consistent style in your
project. Just drop it in.
- **No configuration.** The easiest way to enforce code quality in your
project. No decisions to make. No `.eslintrc` files to manage. It just works.
- **Automatically format code.** Just run `standard --fix` and say goodbye to
messy or inconsistent code.
- **Catch style issues & programmer errors early.** Save precious code review
time by eliminating back-and-forth between reviewer & contributor.

No decisions to make. No `.eslintrc`, `.jshintrc`, or `.jscsrc` files to manage. It just

Install with:

npm install standard --save-dev
Give it a try by running `npx standard --fix` right now!

### Open Source Supporters

<a href="" target='_blank'><img src='' width=250></a>

[Become a supporter!](

## StandardJS 鈥斅燭he Rules

- **2 spaces** 鈥 for indentation
- **Single quotes for strings** 鈥 except to avoid escaping
- **No unused variables** 鈥 this one catches *tons* of bugs!
- **No semicolons** 鈥 [It's][1] [fine.][2] [Really!][3]
- [More details][4]
- **Space after keywords** `if (condition) { ... }`
- **Space after function name** `function name (arg) { ... }`
- Always use `===` instead of `==` 鈥 but `obj == null` is allowed to check `null || undefined`.
- Always handle the node.js `err` function parameter
- Declare browser globals with `/* global */` comment at top of file
- Prevents accidental use of vaguely-named browser globals like `open`, `length`,
`event`, and `name`.
- Example: `/* global alert, prompt */`
- Exceptions are: `window`, `document`, and `navigator`
- **And [more goodness][5]***give `standard` a try today!*

[4]: /
[5]: /

To get a better idea, take a look at
[a sample file]( written
in JavaScript Standard Style. Or, check out one of the
[thousands of projects](
that use `standard`!

## Table of Contents

- Quick start

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