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Increase performance of reorder-endnotes #116

merged 3 commits into from Oct 1, 2018
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Just for now


Stop looking for more endnotes if we’ve made some changes and run out

The original loop is naïve and will keep on looking for endnotes in a situation where there definitely won’t be any (assuming that the endnote structure is correct). If we’ve already found one or more endnotes and made changes then if we fail to find the next in the loop we can assume that the rest don’t exist. Against current Pepys and incrementing all endnotes by one this commit drops the total time from 31.5s to 14.5s(!).
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robinwhittleton committed Sep 30, 2018
commit 4bed0e65400e680f536ef600b3a87958e3d705f1
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@@ -79,13 +79,18 @@ def process_endnotes_in_file(filename: str, root: str, note_range: range, step:
with open(os.path.join(root, filename), "r+", encoding="utf-8") as file:
xhtml =
processed_xhtml = xhtml
processed_xhtml_is_modified = False

for endnote_number in note_range:
# If we’ve already changed some notes and can’t find the next then we don’t need to continue searching
if not "id=\"noteref-{}\"".format(endnote_number) in processed_xhtml and processed_xhtml_is_modified:
processed_xhtml = regex.sub(r"(<a[^>]*?>){}</a>".format(endnote_number), r"\g<1>{}</a>".format(endnote_number + step), processed_xhtml, flags=regex.DOTALL)
processed_xhtml = processed_xhtml.replace("id=\"noteref-{}\"".format(endnote_number), "id=\"noteref-{}\"".format(endnote_number + step), 1)
processed_xhtml = processed_xhtml.replace("#note-{}\"".format(endnote_number), "#note-{}\"".format(endnote_number + step), 1)
processed_xhtml_is_modified = processed_xhtml_is_modified or (processed_xhtml != xhtml)

if processed_xhtml != xhtml:
if processed_xhtml_is_modified:
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