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Standard File Server, Ruby Implementation

This is a production-ready reference implementation of the Standard File protocol.

A production client is available at

Running your own server

You can run your own Standard File server, and use it with any SF compatible client (like Standard Notes). This allows you to have 100% control of your data. This server implementation is built with Ruby on Rails and can be deployed in minutes.

Getting started


  • Ruby 2.2+
  • Rails 5
  • MySQL 5.6+ database


  1. Clone the project:

    git clone
  2. Create a .env file in the project's root directory. Add environment variables (see Environment variables for full listing):

  3. Initialize project:

    bundle install
    bower install
    rails db:create db:migrate
  4. Start the server:

    rails s

Deploying to a live server

You can find instructions on deploying an SN server from scratch here:

Deploying a Standard File server with Amazon EC2 and Nginx

Using Docker

To deploy to a live server using Docker and Docker-Compose, see:

Deploying a private Standard File server using Docker

Environment variables


Rails secret key used only in production environment


Rails environment, set it to production on production server.


Database host.


Database port. 3306 is standard.


Database name.


Database username.


Database password.


Contributions are encouraged and welcome. Currently outstanding items:

  • Test suite


Licensed under the GNU AGPLv3: