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Welcome to CIMPL!

CIMPL (Clinical Information Modeling Profiling Language) is a domain specific language for defining clinical information models. It was designed to be simple and compact, while coming with tools to produce CIMCORE (the SHR computable representation) and FHIR profiles.

CIMPL is geared toward a more technically inclined audience that is accustomed to working with an operating system's command line interface and modern code editors.

To install and begin working with CIMPL, we recommend that you read and follow along with these wiki articles, in order:

  1. CIMPL Installation: instructions for installing the various applications that support CIMPL, with some language about how they work together
  2. Hello World: used to verify that your CIMPL installation is properly running
  3. Tutorial: slowly introduces users to the CIMPL file structure, grammar, and syntax

After completing the tutorial, users will find both the CIMPL Documentation and Error Message Documentation helpul for creating their own models. These are extensive reference materials and are not meant to be read from beginning-to-end.

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