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Cairo bindings for Standard ML -- v0.0.1

Disclaimer: these bindings are under development and do not provide a full or accurate mapping to the Cairo API.

These bindings provide access to the Cairo 2D graphics library. The signature is fairly close to the C API of Cairo. However, the underlying data representations are hidden. Thus manipulating data must take place using utility functions such as fold_path etc.

Currently there is a MLton backend based on its FFI and an SML/NJ backend based on NLFFI.

For more in-depth documentation of the various functions please refer to the Cairo docs.


For MLton compile with make mlton.

For SML/NJ compile with make smlnj.

For documentation install SMLDoc and then run make doc.


For MLton compile with make mlton, cd to the test directory and run the test executables.

For SML/NJ run sml test/<test>.cm and then at the prompt type:

- ();


Lots of paths are hard-coded in the source. You might need to change things in the make files and in src/smlnj/cairo-smlnj.make for SML/NJ.