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name ParseMainFun
terminal IDENT of string
terminal NUMBER of int
terminal STRING of intlist
terminal ALPHABET
terminal AND
terminal ANY
terminal ARROW
terminal COLON
terminal EOS
terminal EMPT
terminal EPSILON
terminal EQUAL
terminal FUNCTION
terminal GEQ
terminal LPAREN
terminal MINUS
terminal NAME
terminal OR
terminal PLUS
terminal QUESTION
terminal RANGE
terminal REGEXP
terminal REPEAT
terminal RPAREN
terminal SEQ
terminal SET
terminal STAR
terminal TILDE
nonterminal Ident : string =
1:IDENT => ident
nonterminal Number : int =
1:NUMBER => number
nonterminal NumPairs : numpairs =
=> nil_numpairs
1:Number 2:Number 3:NumPairs => cons_numpairs
nonterminal Charset : charset =
1:Ident => ident_charset
1:Number => number_charset
LPAREN RANGE 1:NumPairs RPAREN => range_charset
EMPT => empty_charset
LPAREN OR 1:Charsets RPAREN => union_charset
LPAREN AND 1:Charsets RPAREN => intersect_charset
LPAREN MINUS 1:Charset 2:Charsets RPAREN => diff_charset
LPAREN TILDE 1:Charsets RPAREN => comp_charset
ANY => any_charset
nonterminal Charsets : charsets =
=> nil_charsets
1:Charset 2:Charsets => cons_charsets
nonterminal Regexp : regexp =
1:Ident => ident_regexp
1:Number => number_regexp
1:STRING => string_regexp
ANY => any_regexp
EPSILON => epsilon_regexp
EMPT => empty_regexp
LPAREN COLON 1:Regexps RPAREN => concat_regexp
LPAREN SEQ 1:Regexps RPAREN => concat_regexp
LPAREN OR 1:Regexps RPAREN => union_regexp
LPAREN QUESTION 1:Regexp RPAREN => option_regexp
LPAREN STAR 1:Regexp RPAREN => closure_regexp
LPAREN PLUS 1:Regexp RPAREN => plus_regexp
LPAREN EQUAL 2:Number 1:Regexp RPAREN => equal_regexp
LPAREN GEQ 2:Number 1:Regexp RPAREN => geq_regexp
LPAREN REPEAT 2:Number 3:Number 1:Regexp RPAREN => repeat_regexp
EOS => eos_regexp
nonterminal Regexps : regexps =
=> nil_regexps
1:Regexp 2:Regexps => cons_regexps
nonterminal Arm : arm =
1:Regexp ARROW 2:Ident => sole_arm
nonterminal Arms : arms =
1:Arm => sing_arms
1:Arm 2:Arms => cons_arms
nonterminal Directive : directive =
NAME 1:Ident => name_directive
ALPHABET 1:Number => alphabet_directive
REGEXP 1:Ident EQUAL 2:Regexp => regexp_directive
SET 1:Ident EQUAL 2:Charset => set_directive
FUNCTION 1:Ident COLON 2:Ident EQUAL 3:Arms => function_directive
nonterminal Directives : directives =
=> nil_directives
1:Directive 2:Directives => cons_directives
start Directives
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