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Smackage is a prototype package manager for Standard ML libraries. Right now it does not do any installation, it just provides a standard way of getting Standard ML code that understands where other Standard ML code might be found on the filesystem.


Before installation, it's important to set up your SML compilers to interact with smackage correctly. Smackage will live in a directory that we'll refer to as $SMACKAGE_HOME. This directory is probably ~/.smackage, but see the section on $SMACKAGE_HOME below for more information.

Setting up SML/NJ

To set up Standard ML of New Jersey to interact with Smackage, create a file ~/.smlnj-pathconfig containing the following line:


Don't actually write $SMACKAGE_HOME, though, replace it with the appropriate absolute file path; on my machine this file contains the line

SMACKAGE /Users/rjsimmon/.smackage/lib

Setting up MLton

MLton doesn't currently allow user-specific basis maps, so you'll have to be able to edit the MLBasis Path Map, which is found in a place like /usr/lib/mlton/mlb-path-map or /usr/local/lib/mlton/mlb-path-map, depending on your system. Add the line


with the same caveat as before; after I edited my path map, the file had these contents:

SMACKAGE /Users/rjsimmon/.smackage/lib

Make sure it's an absolute path, starting with "/" or whatever your system uses to refer to the file system root.

Compiling Smackage

Now, assuming you have downloaded the smackage source on your system, you can build and start using smackage like this:

$ cd smackage
$ make mlton # (or make smlnj)
$ bin/smackage selfupdate
$ bin/smackage install cmlib v0

Referring to Smackage packages

If you've run the four lines as described above, you can refer to cmlib as $SMACKAGE/cmlib/v0/ (in SML/NJ .cm files) or as $(SMACKAGE)/cmlib/v0/ (in MLton .mlb files).

You might want to add $SMACKAGE_HOME/bin to your path if you want to use applications compiled through smackage.

The $SMACKAGE_HOME directory

Smackage has to figure out where it lives on the file system whenever it starts up; the installation instructions referred to the directory where smackage lives as $SMACKAGE_HOME. Smackage goes through the following process to try and determine $SMACKAGE_HOME:

  1. If the SMACKAGE_HOME environment variable is defined, then smackage will always use that as $SMACKAGE_HOME. If this directory does not exist, smackage will try to create it. Otherwise,
  2. If /usr/local/smackage exists, smackage will use that as $SMACKAGE_HOME. Otherwise,
  3. If /opt/smackage/ exists, smackage will use that as $SMACKAGE_HOME. Otherwise,
  4. As a last resort, smackage will try to use ~/.smackage, where ~ is defined by the HOME environment variable. If this directory does not exist, smackage will try to create it.
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