TestREx is a testbed for repeatable web application security experiments.
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This project is protected by a patent from SAP, so I had to remove everything. If you would like to get the source code, please contact me at stanislav.dashevskyi[at]unitn.it


TestREx is a testbed for repeatable exploits, which has as main features:

  • packing and running applications with their environments;
  • injecting exploits and monitoring their success; and
  • generating security reports.

We also provide a several example applications (wordpress 3.2, nodegoat and a couple of simple apps that demonstrate vulnerabilities for node.js).

Quick installation instructions (tested on Ubuntu 16.04)

  1. Run the 'scripts/install.sh' script (reboot/log out if necessary)

  2. Build the base software containers by running: sudo python [TestREx root folder]/util/build-base-images.py


Stanislav Dashevskyi, Daniel Ricardo dos Santos, Fabio Massacci, Antonino Sabetta. "TESTREX: a Testbed for Repeatable Exploits" in 7th Workshop on Cyber Security Experimentation and Test (USENIX CSET'14)