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And You And I - S/MIME & iCloud encryption app for iOS
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And You And I

S/MIME & iCloud encryption app for iOS

Encrypt your documents locally and in iCloud:

Just use the "share with" or "open in" action of your document and select "Encrypt in And You And I". A local copy of the file will be encrypted with AES, and uploaded to iCloud if turned on. Each document gets its unique and encrypted file name.

Enable S/MIME for your iOS devices easily:

Generate strong keys and certificates, and distribute them via mails with your communication partners.

Security in your hands:

Only your own device and your own iCloud account are used. No other services or parties are involved. The encryption related source code is published in my web site.

Store-less password store:

A password generator with pattern lock style master password interface. Based on the popular SuperGenPass web tool, you can derive all passwords from the web address, mail address, or any other identifier and your master password, using MD5 or HMAC SHA3-512 algorithms. All operations are done locally.

This is the end.

And You And I is not maintained anymore, and was removed from the App Store in December 2018.

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