Replication materials for "Omitted and Included Variable Bias in Tests for Disparate Impact" (Jung et al., 2018)
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Risk adjusted regression

Analysis of disparate impact using risk adjusted regressions (See Jung et al., 2018)

Quick-start guide

Use make to download the data and reproduce all results reported in the paper.

$ make
# Will produce files
#  |-- fig
#  |   |-- Fig1.pdf
#  |   |-- Fig2.pdf
#  |   |-- Fig3.pdf
#  |   |-- Fig4.pdf
#  |   |-- Fig5.pdf
#  |   |-- FigA1a.pdf
#  |   |-- FigA1b.pdf
#  |   |-- FigA1c.pdf
#  |   `-- FigA1d.pdf
#  `-- summary.log

The filename for summary.log or each figure can be provided to selectively generate results. For example,

make summary.log

to generate the plain-text log file, or

make Fig1.pdf

to reproduce Figure 1,

To remove all generated output and rebuild from scratch, run make clean first. See Makefile for all available build targets.


See Makefile for all available configurations. Most common options would be:

RISKMODEL  # The model used to estimate risk/treatment (e.g., l1, gbm, rf)

# Limits---lowerbound (`LB`) and upperbounds (`UB`)---of exp(delta) for sensitivity
# e.g., exp(delta) = 3 means u can triple the odds

B  # Number of bootstrap samples to use for computing CIs

Adding new datasets

Running make new will start a prompt for adding a new datasets. This will create four new files under src/, which will likely need some manual review to fit the context/dataset.

# Files created under src/ for data set named *
00-clean-*.R     # Script to clean raw data
params_*.R       # Parameters describing what features to include, etc.
plot_params_*.R  # Plot (axis/facet) labels, custom limits, etc.
setup_*.R        # Script to load the clean data (no review necessary)

Once the cleaning script and parameters are setup, run

make TARGET=your_new_dataset_name

to execute standard analysis.