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PADJO 2017 can-viz visualization assignments

The assignments so far

The can-viz assignments consist of having students make an "interesting" (whatever that means to them) data visualization given a common dataset. The students (including me) then each pick their 3 favorites. The submission with the most votes overall gets a prize.


When each assignment is completed, a page will be posted listing submitted screenshots from the class.

At the top of the page should be a link to a Google Quiz. It simply asks you to record your 3 favorite examples.

Don't vote for yourself, or more than once. Your identity is known just to me.

Evaluation guidelines

I'm not imposing any rules on what is a "good" visualization, so choose your favorites for your own reasons. If a visualization seems really important/smart but you just can't make sense of it and don't want to admit that for fear of looking dumb, then that viz probably isn't one of your favorites.

Conversely, if a particular chart looks incredibly simple to the point of crudeness, but it conveys its important insight exactly as needed, then consider voting for it even if it won't win a beauty contest.

Also, as someone who has presumably done the can-viz assignment yourself, you have an appreciation of the limitations/difficulties of working with the data. If a viz delivers an insight that you know requires a lot of work, maybe that's a favorite of yours.

Submission guidelines

Your work will be represented as an image. Even if you send me a Word doc, I end up taking a screenshot of it. I try to present the work in the best light. If there's simply too much to screenshot, I screenshot the best part.

Some of you who like to write, your wordy-work may not come out as appealing as you'd hoped. Take that as motivation to think of how concisely you can express a data insight.


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