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our rep to solve icfpc2015 hex game
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Read our dairy on medium

Pics and our thoughts during contest. At this moment Stanfy+ team is on 122 place :( Could be better :)


Program needs node.js server.

You can download it from

or we have added script inside Makefile that should download it automatically.

play_icfp2015 is command line js file, that post result to console.


Program writes debug into to std:err and result to std:out.

Code base

If you're interested, you can find sources in such languages:

  • obj-c (command line tool and iPhone app). Used to post results on lightning round
  • scala. We started from scala, but then moved to obj-c :)
  • python. First visualizator was written on python
  • node.js/javascript. Last tool and we used most. Visualizer, brain, estimator, a*, cli - everything is written on javascript. To play with visualizer, please, start "npm start" and open "localhost:3000" in browser.


Solving problems

  1. Program makes simple loop among all seeds. For each seed algo is the same.
  2. "Brain" is our engine. It controlls all steps and decides what to do (play hex-tris or post cats to twitter :))
  3. Everything starts when new unit appears. "Estimator" finds top 10 best positions for it to move next. Estimator uses bunch of coefficients to select positions. It tries to "fill holes" and to create full-lines.
  4. Then A* algo finds way to best positions.
  5. Unit moves to position that is reachable.
  6. It continues until no reachable positions found for last unit.
  7. Command interpretator transforms commands into letters, trying to use power phrases.
  8. And output json is generated :)


Algo solving map 19

"Optimized" aka drunk A* algo solving problem 24

Commits visualization

It was awesome and fun

Stanfy+ team <3 you and we're waiting for next year. Hope to perform better that this time.


Kilew, Vixentael, Fix, Alex Voronov, Lampapos, Silver

Moral support:

Bexcite, Vandalko

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