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updated doc and config example

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1 parent 6882619 commit 12a09ecff24ab32459fc1b0b3a242c6460b1586a @stangrze committed
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  1. +10 −0 doc-src/api-config.html
  2. +4 −0 skel/boss.config
10 doc-src/api-config.html
@@ -39,6 +39,16 @@
<li><code>mochiweb</code> - The <a href="">Mochiweb</a> Web Server</li>
<li><code>misultin</code> - The <a href="">Misultin</a> Web Server</li>
+ <li><code>servers</code> - A list of proplists with per-listener configuration. This override the defaults and above options, and have to contain folowing parameters:
+ <ul>
+ <li><code>server</code>The HTTP server to use. Valid values same as above</li>
+ <li><code>name</code>Name of server process, arbitrary atom can be set.</li>
+ <li><code>ip</code>IP address for HTTP server to bind to, use to bind to all</li>
+ <li><code>port</code>The port to run the HTTP server on.</li>
+ <li><code>ssl_enable</code> - Enable HTTP over SSL for given server</li>
+ <li><code>ssl_options</code> - SSL options for this server; see <a href="">ssl(3erl)</a></li>
+ </ul>There are no defaults for those parameters.</li>
<li><code>base_url</code>Sets the base_url passed to the views (for deployments on suburl's)</li>
<li><code>session_adapter</code> Selects the session driver to use. Valid values:</li>
4 skel/boss.config
@@ -6,6 +6,10 @@
{log_dir, "log"},
{server, mochiweb},
{port, 8001},
+% {servers,[
+% [{server, mochiweb}, {name,base_server}, {ip,""}, {port, 8001}, {ssl_enable, false}, {ssl_options, []}],
+% [{server, mochiweb}, {name,ssl_server}, {ip,""}, {port, 8002}, {ssl_enable, true}, {ssl_options, [{certfile, "server.pem"}, {keyfile, "privkey.pem"}]}]
+% ]},
{session_adapter, mock},
{session_key, "_boss_session"},
{session_exp_time, 525600}

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