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A free project management Google Sheet template with two-way Google Calendar Sync
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ProSheets: Project Management in Google Sheets

ProSheets is a free Google Sheets template that enables a variety of project management tasks all within the comfort of free and familiar tools: Google Sheets and Google Calendar.

Feature Highlights

  • Project, Milestone, and Task Tracking
  • Two-way Google Calendar synchronization
    • View, edit, and complete your tasks from GCal (no plugin or browser extension required)
  • Task Roll-over: Incomplete tasks extend to the next day
  • (new in V1.1) Track the time you spend on each task with simple start/stop functionality (optional prorate setting included!)

What's In This Repo

Find within all the source code necessary to run ProSheets.

Get ProSheets

To learn more about this free project management template and to get a copy for yourself, visit my website.

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