A simple and lightweight launcher for Android.
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Silverfish Launcher v0.4

This is a simple and lightweight launcher for Android (... and heavily inspired by SmartLauncher)

Get it on F-Droid


The launcher consist of two pages: The home screen and the appdrawer.

On the homescreen there is a widget section and a shortcut section. To change the widget simply long click the widget section and choose your new widget (you might also have to give widget access to Silverfish launcher).

You can add shortcuts to the homescreen by going to the app drawer (swipe right) long click an app and then drag it into the homescreen. The homescreen will automatically position your shortcuts in such a way that they will form a square.

The app drawer is devided into multiple tabs for different application types, like SmartLauncher. Unlike Smart Launcher Silverfish isn't smart and doesn't sort your apps automatically very well, so you will have to sort your apps yourself :(

You can add, remove or rename a tab by long clicking it.


I mostly wrote it to scratch my own itch. As my itch gets worse more functionality will be implemented. If you have an itch that you want to scratch then your commits are welcome :)


  • Make the launcher functional and stable - ✓
  • Functionality to add, remove and rename tabs in app drawer.✓
  • Icon support for tabs in app drawer.
  • Ability to uninstall app from the app drawer. ✓
  • Functionality to change wallpaper.
  • More shortcut layouts!
    • circular
    • square - ✓
    • triangular??
  • Create a settings activity to modify stuff like
    • Colors ✓
    • Position of homescreen and appdrawer
    • Change shortcut layout
    • Change the tab icons.


The full changelog can be seen under the releases section.

Thanks to...

Thank you @Teyro, @Pierre-lbt, @ImAnnoying, @AlbertWDev and @XyLoNaMiyX for your contributions! :)