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The goal of this repo is to demonstrate performance of libvips library taken in comparison with other image processing systems.

Now the accent on ruby-vips, Ruby bindings for libvips library, is made, but later the number of libraries (and platforms, I hope) will grow.

June 26, 2012 - Status

The repo is a setup phase. Only two scripts for ruby-vips and rmagick are available in ruby/ folder. Please, do not expect all the code working stable and representative.

Benchmarks for 2012.06.26

stanislaw@localhost ~/work/gems/vips-benchmarks $ ./runner images/huge.jpg output/huge.jpg 

==== Ruby platform ====

Ruby-vips 0.1.1

real    0m1.806s
user    0m3.284s
sys   0m0.075s

This is RMagick 2.13.1 ($Date: 2009/12/20 02:33:33 $) Copyright (C) 2009 by Timothy P. Hunter
Built with ImageMagick 6.7.7-5 2012-06-24 Q16
Built for ruby 1.9.3
Web page:

real    0m2.882s
user    0m3.486s
sys   0m0.147s

Performance test design

The repo has folders ruby/, cpp/ and others, each having platform specific scripts using various libraries available for this platform.

Each script is coded to execute the same scenario (see Scenario section).

Each folder has runner executable script, which runs all the scripts in its directory, for example ruby/runner runs ruby-vips and rmagick.rb scripts one by one.

Root folder contains runner script, containing links to all runner scripts available in repo.

See "Do it yourself" section for how to run benchmark scenario.


Test scenario was taken from Speed and Memory use page from libvips Home page

Do it yourself

git clone

cd vips-benchmarks

# for all platforms
./runner images/huge.jpg output/huge.jpg

# or more specifically for ruby platform:
ruby/runner images/huge.jpg output/huge.jpg

# for one concrete library:
time ruby ruby/ruby-vips.rb images/huge.jpg output/huge.jpg


  • Scenario: more solid!
  • More libraries for ruby
  • More platforms (suggestions are welcome!)


Copyright (c) 2012 Stanislaw Pankevich and (hopefully) John Cupitt.

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