Completely useless as of now. Goal: Create a grammar and use a parser generator.
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AQL Parser

The purpose AQL is to be able to turn this:

table { field1, field2, field3 }


SELECT table.field1, table.field2, table.field3 FROM table;

or, with a variance of a restraint that will be configurable.

SELECT table.field1, table.field2, table.field3 FROM table WHERE = 1;


Using this as a Parser Generator to replicate and improve upon AQL.

Run and compile the parser generator

In git directory, run:

$ ./pacc -i src/aql.y  -o lib/AQL/Parser.php -f

To Do:

  • Add tests
  • Make actual SQL out of the AQL. (although this ends up being fairly trivial)
  • Enable a DB adapter so joins can be constructed automatically using foreign keys.
  • Allow for optional table constraints (active = 1)
  • Infinite Recursion for inner queries, and possibly subqueries, the current version does not support subqueries.
  • Fix how the tokens are actually made (currently just stdClass with two properties).