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TiddlyLisp in JS Build Status

An implimentation of Lisp as the Maxwell’s equations of software in Javascript intead of Python.


In git directory.

node main.js
Open REPL with loaded file(s)
node main.js /path/to/file1 /path/to/file2

Still needs to be done

Things that are done (ish)

  • working symbols for backquote, splice, and unquote
  • Macro support
  • A let form that is like using begin and define, but introduces new scope.
  • (load-file) form to include other files.
  • Add test coverage in JS (lisp.core has tests that run when the repl is initialized)
  • Support for comments: ;
  • Add argument destructuring (at least to allow (lambda (x y & rest) ... ))
  • Support for pressing arrow keys in the repl as well as line history
  • In the repl, don't execute a form if it doesn't have a closing paren, allow multiple line forms.
  • Add the ' syntax sugar