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Taking my original calculator setup and changing it over to OOP.
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My Calculator in OOP

  1. Work on the scope defined Below
  2. Pulled original calculator and first commit in this repository to start setup in OOP


  • Imported a bad version of the calculator and will setup with all fixes in OOP.
    • Parameters
      • num1 - first number used in a calculation
      • num2 - second number used in a calculation
      • operator - operator that will determine what type of calculation will be made
    • This function will be used to handle the basic calculations once two numbers and an operator have been registered
  • Add click handlers to all buttons in the DOM. When clicked a function will be called that will do the following:
    • Numbers (0-9) will be stored in an array, concatenating with previous numbers if appropriate,and be displayed on the DOM
    • Operators (+, -, *, /) will be stored in an array and be displayed on the DOM
    • Equal (=) will call the function that will perform the calculation of the given expression
  • Take the value and display in the correct layout area within the DOM
    • The display of the calculation will be up to each students interpretation of how a calculator should look. If you need ideas look at your calculator on your phone.


-Matthew Staniszewski

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