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PHP React Starter

This repo contains boilerplate code to aid in the creation of a new React app with Redux and PHP back end. Follow the below setup instructions to get started.

Setup Instructions

  1. Fork this repo
  2. Clone your forked copy of this repo
    • git clone[Your Username]/lampr-demo.git
  3. Change directory into the newly cloned repo
    • cd lampr-demo
  4. Install dependencies
    • npm install
  5. Use MAMP or similar program to start Apache and MySQL servers
    • Set root directory of server to the public folder of this project
    • Set Apache port to 8000
    • Use phpMyAdmin (or similar) to create a database
  6. Start dev server
    • npm start
  7. Open a browser and navigate to localhost:3000 You should see "Welcome to React".

Bundle For Deployment

  1. Run webpack to bundle files
    • npm run bundle

NOTE: After bundling and placing on a web server. The public folder should be the web root

Board Gamers

This is an app for people who love playing board games to meet other people who have the same passion. You can look through a list of events within your area. This app will allow you to join their game, meet new people, and have fun. You can also host events so that people can try out games that they do not have yet.

App Functionality

Data is passed back and forth through an Apache server using PHP, being displayed on the front end with React and Redux.

Getting Started

Team MBC (Matt, Bill, Chris)

-Matthew Staniszewski -Bill Darnall -Christopher Sulayao


-Original Figma Phase 1 -Second Figma Phase 2 -Third Figma MVP Phase 3

Task Management

-Meister Task

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