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Telelogger ESP-IDF Project Package

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@stanleyhuangyc stanleyhuangyc released this 25 Oct 10:09
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This ESP-IDF project package contains telelogger (application), FreematicsPlus (Arduino library) and ESP32 Arduino core. It allows developers to configure and build the firmware for Freematics ONE+ ESP32/ESP32-C3 based Freematics products (ONE+, ESPRIT-C3) from ESP-IDF command line environment.


  1. Download and install ESP-IDF
  2. Extract this package to your working directory
  3. Open ESP-IDF command-line and navigate to telelogger directory.
  4. If you need to build for alternative target like ESP32-C3, use the following command. set-target esp32c3
  5. Some telelogger options available in config.h can be changed in the configuration system. You may also need to change the flash size to match your device. menuconfig

esp-idf telelogger menuconfig

  1. Build the firmware image. build
  2. Upload binary to the device and open serial monitor. -p [serial port] flash monitor

esp-idf telelogger running