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This Arduino sketch is designed for running on Freematics ONE+ and Freematics Esprit development board, to collect vehicle telemetry data from OBD-II, GPS and motion sensor and transmit the collected data to remote server running Freematics Hub software in realtime. It also has a mechansim for executing and responding to commands sent from serverside.

Data Collection

The sketch can collect following data.

  • Vehicle OBD-II PIDs data (from OBD port)
  • Battery voltage (from OBD port)
  • Geolocation data (from connected GPS receiver)
  • Acceleration data (from built-in motion sensor)
  • Orientation data (computed from motion sensor data)
  • CPU temperature (from ESP32 built-in sensor)

Data Transmissions

The sketch implements data transmissions with following networking hardware.

  • BLE (ESP32 built-in)
  • WIFI (ESP32 built-in)
  • GSM/GPRS (optional SIM800 bee module)
  • WCDMA (optional SIM5360 bee module)

Data Storage

The sketch implements following data storage.

  • MicroSD card storage
  • ESP32 built-in Flash memory storage (under development)

Remote Commands

Commands can be sent to Freematics ONE+ to execute with results responded, through serial terminal (ended by \n), BLE (as a message) or Freematics Hub API (remotely). Currently following commands are implemented.

  • LED [0/1/2] - setting device LED status (0:auto 1:always off 2:always on)
  • REBOOT - performing a reboot immediately
  • STANDBY - entering standby mode immediately
  • WAKEUP - waking up the device from standby mode
  • SET INTERVAL [interval in ms] - setting data sending interval
  • SET SYNC [interval in ms] - setting server sync checking interval
  • STATS - returning some stats
  • OBD [PID] - querying and returning specified OBD-II PID value (raw data)