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This library provides easy access to SIM800 based GSM/GPRS module by implementing straight-forward APIs for HTTP communication and some network features. For demonstartion of the API usage, please refer to the example sketches.

Library API

Initialize the module

bool init();

Setup network

byte setup(const char* apn);

Get network operator name

bool getOperatorName();

Check for incoming SMS

bool checkSMS();

Get signal quality level (in dB)

int getSignalQuality();

Get GSM location and network time

bool getLocation(GSM_LOCATION* loc);

Initialize HTTP connection

bool httpInit();

Terminate HTTP connection

void httpUninit();

Connect to HTTP server

bool httpConnect(const char* url, const char* args = 0);

Check if HTTP connection is established (returns 0 for in progress, 1 for success, 2 for error)

byte httpIsConnected();

Read data from HTTP connection

void httpRead();

Check if HTTP connection is established (returns 0 for in progress, -1 for error, bytes of http payload on success)

int httpIsRead();

Toggle low-power mode

bool sleep(bool enabled);


Some configurations need to be done before the library will work for your setup. They are in SIM800.h as following.

Change SIM800_RESET_PIN to the pin connect with SIM800 reset pin

    #define SIM800_RESET_PIN 7

Change SIM_SERIAL definition to the serial UART which SIM800 is attached to

    #define SIM_SERIAL Serial1