Arduino Tracker (SVTrackR) for MicroAPRS modem
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Arduino APRS SVTrackR

*** Pls refer to the top of the source code for version history and updated instructions.

This sketch configure the MicroAPRS (the modem) for the proper callsign and ssid and read/write data coming in from the MicroAPRS (another Arduino/atmega328P with bootloader) via Serial port

Library needed :-

Instructions :-

Download the MicroAPRS compiled Modem.hex from

As this hex is not compiled from the Arduino IDE, you need to manually upload this hex to the Arduino with a bootloader using avrdude or Xloader.

Xloader to load this hex image to the Arduino / Mini Pro :-

1. Download the Xloader :
2. Copy modem.hex into Xloader folder
3. Select the modem hex file 
4. Select UNO for UNO or Duemilanove/328 for Mini Pro
5. Select the COM port and press Upload



SVTrackR with OLED