Floating table header plugin for Adminer.
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Floating table header plugin for Adminer

Adminer is database management script in single PHP file.

This plugin creates floating header for first table in content (select page, sql command results, tables list, ...).

It uses jquery floatThead plugin.


In your web create folders and files like this:

\- adminer
   |- plugins
   |  |- floatThead.php
   |  \- plugin.php
   |- adminer.php
   \- index.php

File adminer.php can be obtained from adminer site. Rename it to adminer.php only. File plugin.php can be obtained from plugin.php.

Into index.php paste this content:

function adminer_object() {

	// required to run any plugin
	include_once "plugins/plugin.php";

	// autoloader
	foreach (glob("plugins/*.php") as $filename) {
		include_once $filename;

	$plugins = array(
		// specify enabled plugins here
		new AdminerFloatThead,
		// some other plugins
		//new FasterTablesFilter,

	class AdminerSoftware extends AdminerPlugin {
		// here you can specify other extensions from https://www.adminer.org/en/extension/

	return new AdminerSoftware($plugins);

include './adminer.php';