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ConKit is lightweight PHP framework and CMS construction kit.
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ConKit is a PHP framework and CMS construction kit.

Main features of ConKit

  • Lightweight framework with minimum overhead
  • Simple no-nonsense MVC approach
  • Easy to start using
  • Single installation may serve several websites
  • Optional CMS construction module

CMS construction kit

ConKit doesn't provide ready-made CMS for any possible case one can imagine. Instead it has set of instruments which allows you to build CMS to your needs.

Whole our CMS approach has pretty rare features. Firstly it doesn’t have admin back-end page per se. Context management elements appeared built in right into your webpage when content manager login. It is not edit-in-place as it needs too complex technical implementation. Our approach is much simpler but still keep attractiveness of edit-in-place.

From our experience we know that for many content managers learning curve is steep due to non-obvious correspondence of actual information on front-end and back-end page. Uncounted number of times clients call and ask how to change this or that. With our approach this never will be the question any more. Whenever and doesn’t matter how many times configurable element or block of data encounters in webpage you mark it as CMSable and the rest ConKit does.

What's under the hood


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