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[GET] /api/version
Get calculation module update date and commit hash / name

[GET] /api/top?offset=0&limit=50&search=chocomint&order=desc&sort=localPp&country=KR
Get leaderboard page

  • search - Player name or jsonname, doesn't work with country
  • sort - Which field results should be sorted by
  • order - Which order (asc/desc) should results be order by
  • country - Country acronym to get a country leaderboard page, doesn't work with search
  • offset - How many rows to skip
  • limit - How many rows to return (max 500)

[GET] /api/player/cookiezi
Get user profile

  • name - Player user id or nickname

[GET] /api/queue
Get current queue

[POST] /api/queue?player=nathan on osu
Add player to queue and returns current queue
Params (url encoded):

  • player = Player nickname or ID

[POST] /api/maps/calculate
Calculate map pp values for 90-100 acc values
Params (json):

  • Map - Beatmap ID, can't be BeatmapSet ID
  • Mods - Array of mod abbreviations

[GET] /api/maps/probabilitychart/129891?mods=HDDT
Get miss probability data for calculated map

  • mapId - Beatmap ID
  • mods - Joined string of mod abbreviations

[GET] /api/highscores
Get current top scores sorted by local PP

[GET] /api/countries
Get all known countries in the player database


dotnet WebPerformanceCalculator.dll


  "Urls": "http://localhost:5001",
  "Key": "abcdefghjklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789",  // admin/worker endpoints access key

  "HighscoreThreshold": 699.5,  // pp threshold for /highscores/
  "CalcsPerHourPerUser": 15,  // how many profiles one user can calc in an hour

  "CalculatorPath": "/home/pp/osu-tools/bin/netcoreapp3.1",  // path to a PerformanceCalculator.dll for map calculation
  "CalculationModuleFileName": "osu.Game.Rulesets.Osu.dll",
  "CalculationModuleUpdateLink": "http://localhost/osu.Game.Rulesets.Osu.dll",  // URL from which workers should download calc updates

  "CommitHashFileName": "commithash"  // path to file with commit hash, can be relative

Running workers

dotnet WebPerformanceCalculator.Worker.dll


  "CalculatorPath": "/home/pp/osu-tools/bin/netcoreapp3.1",  // path to a PerformanceCalculator.dll
  "CalculationModuleFileName": "osu.Game.Rulesets.Osu.dll",
  "APIKey": "",  // osu! API v1 key

  "GetWorkEndpointAddress": "http://localhost:6000/api/workers",  // endpoint to get work data from, GET
  "SubmitWorkEndpointAddress": "http://localhost:6000/api/workers",  // endpoint to submit work data to, POST
  "PollingRate": 1000,  // how often to poll work endpoint
  "Key": "abcdefghjklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789"  // worker endpoints access key