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den0bot - osu!-related telegram chat bot

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Uses Telegram.Bot, SQLite-net, Newtonsoft.Json, Meebey.SmartIrc4net, OppaiSharp.


  • ModAutohost: Creates a multiplayer lobby and manages host rotation.
  • ModBasicCommands: Self-explanatory.
  • ModBeatmap: Finds in messages and returns map info with PP values.
  • ModCat: Sends random cat image when found "cat" in a message.
  • ModGirls: Stores every picture with a tag, sends random picture from DB with voting buttons.
  • ModMaplist: Sends random map from a google spreadsheet.
  • ModProfile: Finds in messages and returns player info and topscores.
  • ModRandom: Various random-based commands.
  • ModRecentScores: Returns recent player's scores with PP info.
  • ModSettings: Admin commands.
  • ModThread: Returns thread link and messages from
  • ModTopscores: Checks topscores of every player listed in user DB table and sends updates to every chat it knows.
  • ModYoutube: Checks CirclePeople channel for new videos and sends them to every chat it knows.

Visual Studio 2017, net461.