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.TH xcb_image_text_16 3 2011-12-18 "XCB" "XCB Requests"
.ad l
xcb_image_text_16 \- Draws text
.hy 0
.B #include <xcb/xproto.h>
.SS Request function
xcb_void_cookie_t \fBxcb_image_text_16\fP(xcb_connection_t\ *\fIconn\fP, uint8_t\ \fIstring_len\fP, xcb_drawable_t\ \fIdrawable\fP, xcb_gcontext_t\ \fIgc\fP, int16_t\ \fIx\fP, int16_t\ \fIy\fP, const xcb_char2b_t\ *\fIstring\fP);
.hy 1
.IP \fIconn\fP 1i
The XCB connection to X11.
.IP \fIstring_len\fP 1i
The length of the \fIstring\fP in characters. Note that this parameter limited by
255 due to using 8 bits!
.IP \fIdrawable\fP 1i
The drawable (Window or Pixmap) to draw text on.
.IP \fIgc\fP 1i
The graphics context to use.
The following graphics context components are used: plane-mask, foreground,
background, font, subwindow-mode, clip-x-origin, clip-y-origin, and clip-mask.
.IP \fIx\fP 1i
The x coordinate of the first character, relative to the origin of \fIdrawable\fP.
.IP \fIy\fP 1i
The y coordinate of the first character, relative to the origin of \fIdrawable\fP.
.IP \fIstring\fP 1i
The string to draw. Only the first 255 characters are relevant due to the data
type of \fIstring_len\fP. Every character uses 2 bytes (hence the 16 in this
request's name).
Fills the destination rectangle with the background pixel from \fIgc\fP, then
paints the text with the foreground pixel from \fIgc\fP. The upper-left corner of
the filled rectangle is at [x, y - font-ascent]. The width is overall-width,
the height is font-ascent + font-descent. The overall-width, font-ascent and
font-descent are as returned by \fIxcb_query_text_extents\fP (TODO).
Note that using X core fonts is deprecated (but still supported) in favor of
client-side rendering using Xft.
Returns an \fIxcb_void_cookie_t\fP. Errors (if any) have to be handled in the event loop.
If you want to handle errors directly with \fIxcb_request_check\fP instead, use \fIxcb_image_text_16_checked\fP. See \fBxcb-requests(3)\fP for details.
.IP \fIxcb_drawable_error_t\fP 1i
The specified \fIdrawable\fP (Window or Pixmap) does not exist.
.IP \fIxcb_gc_error_t\fP 1i
The specified graphics context does not exist.
.IP \fIxcb_match_error_t\fP 1i
TODO: reasons?
.BR xcb-requests (3),
.BR xcb_image_text_8 (3)
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