NetBeans IDE plugin for Stapler web framework.
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A NetBeans IDE plugin suite to support Jenkins plugin development and the Stapler web framework. See NetBeans plugin for Stapler for background.

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Implemented in 1.6:

  • Better icons.
  • Always using the latest available version of the Jenkins plugin archetype.
  • More readily usable Jelly template.
  • Fixed browser opening from mvn hpi:run to work with some newer versions of Jetty (depends on version).

Implemented in 1.5:

  • *.jelly tabs display the simple name of the corresponding model, e.g. index.jelly [HelloWorldBuilder]
  • *.jelly did not show History tab, and did not correctly display updated VCS modification status
  • new versions of hpi:run publish http://localhost:8080/jenkins/ rather than http://localhost:8080/; open the right one in the browser
  • Go to Stapler View/Model now prefers *.jelly to *.properties
  • Stapler model navigation did not work from a view of a nested class

Implemented in 1.4:

  • plugin template based on 1.509.3
  • hyperlinking custom Jelly tags (e.g. <f:textbox/>) to their taglib definitions (textbox.jelly)
  • editor hint for cases where ACL.impersonate is needed
  • asks the project’s SCM to ignore the work directory of a plugin

Implemented in 1.3:

  • navigate between types and their Jelly view folders (creating view folder as needed)
  • New File template for Jelly scripts
  • prominent Jenkins plugin archetype
  • 7.3 baseline

Implemented in 1.2:

  • Taking over Jenkins-dev-specific functionality of current maven.hudson module (in IDE distro), in a separate plugin (see NB #219789 for patch):
    • default actions, icon for hpi packaging
    • text/x-jelly+xml MIME registration and Jelly/Stapler schema validation support
    • show localhost:8080 when running Jenkins
  • Signing NBMs.

Implemented in 1.1:

  • Packaging improvements.
  • NullPointerException fix.

Implemented in 1.0:

  • replace hardcoded string ("including " + variable + " elements") with; see Internationalization

To do:

  • For new plugin wizard, version is initially 1 and artifactId wrong.
  • Stapler view navigation should walk up the inheritance hierarchy if necessary, and consider a nested class if the caret is in one
  • Stapler view creation should assume src/main/resources if there are multiple resource folders available
  • extend Output Window hyperlink to work from hudson-dev:run
  • find usages, find subtypes, etc. inside and between Jelly pages
  • rename refactoring to rename view folders
  • support jenkins-module packaging
  • Java hint about and VirtualChannel.callAsync (also FilePath.act) on anonymous inner classes or classes otherwise lacking serialVersionUID (cf. JENKINS-14667 and b807845)
  • Code completion or similar for Groovy views
  • Offer something like jelly2groovy as a context menu action on Jelly views
  • hyperlink methods in Messages to their definitions
  • textbox.jelly cannot be validated: tried to load nonexistent hudson.util.jelly.MorphTagLibrary.xsd
  • should prompt user for Messages key (if it can be detected that the hint is running interactively)
  • st:include should hyperlink the included page (when it can be statically determined)

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