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Library for async image loading and caching on Android

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ImageLoader component
- imageLoader contains a java maven based project
- imageLoaderTest mvn android based project to test imageLoader
- imageLoaderDemoTest mvn android based project with robotium test
- imageLoaderMonkeyRunner some example that take a snapshot using monkey runner

For client project that need to include the image loader you just need the jar
you can find the jar at : 

If you are using maven you need to define the repo and then the dependency


Working with eclipse
- better to use eclipse 3.7 and maven 3.0.3
- Download from eclipse marketplace the maven eclipse integration (m2e) [alternatively go to]

- import existing maven project and select the root of the project

Eclipsify is not longer necessary but if you want these are the steps
- execute the following command in the root of the project : mvn clean eclipse:clean eclipse:eclipse install
- from eclipse select File > Import > Existing Projects into workspace > select the root of the project (should import both of them) 
- for the android imageLoaderTester you need three more steps:
   - remove the folder target/generated-sources/r from the classpath
   - add gen folder to the classpath
   - on properties of the project select android tools > fix android setup 
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