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Data Science Workshop
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Open Data Day DC


  • Pri Oberoi, Data Scientist, Commerce Data Service
  • Star Ying, Data Scientist, Commerce Data Service


This is a quick introduction to data science and short example of topic clustering using National Institute of Standards and Technology newsfeed.

Getting Started

To follow the example in the workshop, Python 2.7 and pip is required. Here are the steps required for getting started:

  1. You can use sudo easy_install pip or brew install python to install pip.
  2. Clone or download a copy of this repo to your local machine.
  3. Install required packages through pip with this command: pip install requirements.txt.
  4. Open a local jupyter-notebook instance with this command: jupyter-notebook <dir_of_cloned_repo>.
  5. An instance of jupyter should have launched on your default browser. Open kMeansClustering.ipynb.
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