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Contribution Guidelines

Please ensure your pull request adheres to the following guidelines:

  • New companies or updates are welcome provided the company meets the following requirements:

    • The only requirement is that your company uses Erlang in production which is defined as follows:
      • A software was written by or for your company that is used internally and maintained.
      • This does not include using an off-the-shelf product that happens to be written in Erlang.
    • If you are not employed by the company you are submitting you must cite strong evidence that a company is using Erlang. The rules above as to what constitutes using Erlang apply equally for this case.
  • New companies should be added to the end of src/_data/companies.yml.

    • Please check your spelling and grammar.
    • Include company name, company location, and industry
    • Include Github username or org, www link, blog link (optional)
    • Include company description and how Erlang is used

Thank you for your contributions!