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Starbs Image Service - Serverless Edition (AWS)
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Starbs Yeh - Serverless Edition (AWS)

Starbs Image Service!

The ShareX Custom Image Uploader


Migrate from starbs/yeh with the included Python script. Run python <database name> <target S3 bucket name> from the machine MySQL was installed (with an authenticated awscli).


  • Clone the repository.
  • Run npm install.
  • Create an S3 bucket and change the variable in serverless.yml.
  • Run sls deploy.

At this stage, you have a working API, the URL returned by Serverless can be used to POST images.

If you would like to GET images with the API (not recommended), uncomment the HTTP event in serverless.yml for path proxy requests.

We recommend putting the API behind a custom URL. For the purposes of the following steps we will use as our example host. The following steps will eventually be automated in a later version.

  • Create 2 Lambda functions in us-east-1 using the origin-request.js and viewer-request.js as source files.
  • Request a certificate for in ACM.
  • Create a CloudFront distribution, setting the alternate domain name as, selecting the SSL certificate we requested.
  • Set up an S3 origin for your distribution pointing to the bucket you created earlier, ensuring you restrict bucket access, allow CloudFront to create a new origin access identity and update your bucket permissions.
  • Set the default behavior to redirect HTTP to HTTPS, allow all HTTP methods and associate the two Lambda functions as named.
  • Point the CNAME record of in DNS to your CloudFront distribution's domain name.

We're set, once the CloudFront distribution is deployed. Images can be POSTed as part of a multipart form with image as the form key.

Images can also be posted as a binary payload in the request body.

The API will return a JSON response in the event of an error, or a plaintext string indicating the destination URL for the image in the event of a success.


Modify the configuration files in 'config', then follow the setup in ShareX Destination Settings as shown below:

Sidenote: We suggest configuring a keybind to upload your clipboard (Chip uses Ctrl-Shift-\) this will allow you to copy and instantly upload any image


  • The maximum payload to API Gateway is 10MB and 6MB to Lambda, so our uploads are limited to 6MB.
  • I suggest putting a rate limiting WAF on the CloudFront distribution to prevent cost attacks, the minimum rate-limit in WAF is 2000 requests every 5 minutes (more than enough). If an actor decides to try and attack your API and hit the maximum rate limits for 24 hours, it'd only cost around $6; while this is an unlikely scenario, if you would like to protect your API, keys can be enabled for API Gateway endpoints.


Starbs Yeh - Serverless Edition is licensed under The MIT License (MIT).

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