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A project to create a full 3D game engine using modern C++ coding style.
Requires a C++14 feature-level compiler and standard library.

Project Goals

  • Build a performant, cross-platform, modern 3D game library
  • Make all core functionality myself, only use external libraries for non-core features (like compression, jpeg decoding, etc.)
  • Become more proficient with
    • Large-scale modern C++ projects
      • Obeying game-industry standard limitations such as no exceptions or RTTI
    • 3D-engine math and physics concepts
    • Modern 3D APIs: OpenGL 4.x, DirectX 11/12, Metal, Vulkan
    • Rendering techniques, working towards physically based rendering


Nearing completion of render types with GL 4.1 implementation borrowing from Metal for low-level render interfaces. Audio, input, scene graph and other sections functional but simple.

(c) 2015-2017 by Arthur Langereis (@zenmumbler), all rights reserved