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TypeScript fork of gl-matrix for internal use in Stardazed
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veclib (deprecated)

This repo is no longer used, an updated version of this code is now part of the Stardazed Monorepo and as an NPM package as well.

Old Readme Contents

This is a fork of gl-matrix, with the following changes:

  • Converted to TypeScript
  • Added a few vector methods (mix, clamp, clamp01, zero, one)
  • Added an ELEMENT_COUNT constant to all types
  • Changed the forEach method to accept a vararg list
  • Removed the SIMD mat4 functions, most browsers never had SIMD support at all and Chrome recently removed support for these methods in non-WASM execution contexts, so having them here in JS-land is pointless.

All current and future changes are there to facilitate integration with or utility for the Stardazed library, not to preserve compatibility with the original code or its clients.

There is no support for any usage or build setup other than what is used by SD. It is a seperate, but internal module of SD.

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