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Make Emacs bridge between Org Mode and Kindle.
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What it is?



Because I store ebooks in Org Wiki style database. All ebooks are organized (use org-attach) with links in Org-mode files under some kind of knowledge category structure directories. So I need to send an ebook to external device with one keybinding or one command instead of manually copy with complex path (org-attach use some kind of prefix for storing directory).

External Dependencies

This packages use a command ebook-convert which comes from Calibre. So if you want to use auto convert functionality, you need to install it manuall.


  • auto send the file under org-mode file:// link to your external devices like Kindle, NOOK etc with corresponding formats.
    • auto convert to corresponding formats if necessary. Like send .epub to Kindle by auto converting to .mobi or .azw3 formats depending on your option org-send-ebook-kindle-default-format.


  • [ ] One command org-kindle-sync-notes to sync Kindle’s notes with Org Mode notes file.


In theatrically, this package should work for non-kindle ereaders too. User can set device path in variables. But becaused not tested, so I can’t guarantee that package will work correctly. But PR welcome to improve it. I appreciate it.

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