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Database Archetype Extensibility

The Stardog database archetypes provide a simple way to associate one or more ontologies and optionally a set of constraints with a database. Stardog provides two built-in database archetypes out-of-the-box: PROV and SKOS. This example shows a user-define archetype for FOAF.

Running FOAF Example

First build the jar file for this example using gradle:

$ ./gradlew jar

Copy the jar file to your Stardog installation directory and (re)start the server:

$ cp examples/foaf/build/libs/foaf-*.jar $STARDOG/server/dbms/
$ $STARDOG/bin/stardog-admin server start

Create a new database using the FOAF archetype:

$ $STARDOG/bin/stardog-admin db create -o database.archetypes="foaf" -n foafDB

That's it. Even though you created a database without any data you will see that there is a default namespace, ontology and constraints associated with this database:

$ bin/stardog namespace list foafDB
| Prefix  |                  Namespace                  |
| foaf    |                  |
| owl     |              |
| rdf     | |
| rdfs    |       |
| stardog | tag:stardog:api:                            |
| xsd     |           |
$ bin/stardog reasoning schema foafDB
foaf:publications a owl:ObjectProperty
foaf:jabberID a owl:InverseFunctionalProperty
foaf:jabberID a owl:DatatypeProperty
foaf:interest rdfs:domain foaf:Agent
foaf:workInfoHomepage a owl:ObjectProperty
foaf:schoolHomepage rdfs:range foaf:Document
foaf:status a owl:DatatypeProperty
foaf:currentProject rdfs:domain foaf:Person
$ bin/stardog icv export foafDB
AxiomConstraint{foaf:isPrimaryTopicOf a owl:InverseFunctionalProperty}

Registering Archetypes

User-defined archetypes are loaded to Stardog through JDK ServiceLoader framework. Create a file called com.complexible.stardog.db.DatabaseArchetype in the META-INF/services directory. The contents of this file should be all of the fully-qualified class names for your custom archetypes. The jar containing this META-INF/services directory as well as the implementations for the archetypes) it references is added on the classpath. Stardog will pick up the archetype implementations on startup.

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