A collaborative list of interactive Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Statistics websites
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A collaborative list of interactive Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Statistics websites. Started by Piotr Migdał, but anyone is encouraged to contribute! It is a simple no-build Vue.js website:

Feel invited to Pull Request other interactive visualizations (check websites.yaml)! :)

...aaand if you want to create such visualizations by yourself, see In Browser AI.

What goes there?

Still I am thinking what is the best criterion.

For sure things that are front-end (i.e. JavaScript within browser). For things using backend (when you can see solution, but it uses some PyTorch/TF/etc code on a server) I am still debating, but I lean on being more inclusive. In this context:

  • make sure it has some didactic value (otherwise ALL services using ML would qualify)
  • add backend-dependent in uses

Strong preference for open-source solutions (so people can reuse it and learn from code), though it is not a requirement. Though, mention repo and open source license only when it is directly relevant (vs additional materials such as exercises for a book, or Python algorithm).

Other lists


Read Explorable Explanations by Bret Victor.

Inspirations for collecting and displaying content:


Main layout and styling developed by Jakub Fogel


(You are invited to constribute)

  • Descriptions of sites
  • Write-up in a different way
  • Some sorting (alphabetical?)
  • Share button
  • Code refactoring :)