Firmware for a collection of Arduino-controlled blinking eyes.
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I saw an idea of cutting eyes in toilet paper rolls, putting a glow stick in them, and setting them in the bushes. This is intended to look like eyes of unknown creatures.

I thought, why not go one better and give some life to the eyes using LEDs and an Arduino.

This is a glorified version of the basic "blink" program for the Arduino. It drives multiple LEDs independently using a simple multi-tasking core.


  • Connect LEDs to the digital outputs.
  • Update the firmware to include the correct number of LEDs and their pin numbers.
  • Compile and upload to the Arduino.


  • The firmware uses simple a cooperative multitasking core to drive each LED independently.
  • Each process chooses a "tape" that it "plays" from a catalogue of tapes.
  • The tapes contain instructions for turning the LEDs on/off with the ability to set random delays (in mS).
  • Set the min/max times to be the same for fixed delays.