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Launch your infrastructure on the AWS cloud
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NebulaForge: Launch Stellar infrastructure on AWS

NebulaForge enables developers looking to build a project or business on Stellar to quickly deploy the necessary infrastructure in the cloud.

We plan to target a variety of use cases, from new developers looking to get started with an single-server node, all the way up to anchors looking to deploy highly available production infrastructure. These "infrastructure-as-code" reference architectures will be built using AWS CloudFormation templates.

This allows users to initiate a "one-click" deployment on their own AWS account by simply clicking on a link and filling out a few parameters on a web interface.

specify template parameters



  • Retain data after stack deletion with the ability to resume.
  • RDS Aurora support.
  • More complex public/private VPC setup, multi-AZ failover.
  • Multiple horizon instances with load balancing.
  • Multiple participation profiles - watcher, archiver, basic validator, full validator.
  • Test harness for validating the infrastructure.
  • Additional software - Federation server, Bridge server, Compliance server.
  • Logging, Monitoring, Alerting and other best practices.
  • Option to use EKS (Kubernetes) instead of ECS when it becomes available.
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