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Safestrap 3.75 for Motorola Omap4 devices

Changes in this release:

  • Recovery now uses kexec to fully support SELinux (required for Android 5.0 / Lollipop)
  • TWRP version


These are builds of Safestrap now fully supporting SELinux. They are signed with a different key than the one from Hashcode or the previous debug build, so in order to install them you need to do the following:

  • Boot to stock
  • Start the old Safestrap-version
  • Uninstall Recovery
  • Uninstall the Safestrap APP (due to the different key)
  • Install the new Safestrap-version (signed with a new key)
  • Install recovery again

If you enter recovery, the device will now also execute a new kernel, so you will get the kexec-vibrate at this point, too.

This new Safestrap is fully compatible with old ROMs, you don't need to downgrade if you want to install any old ROM.