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Simple burp extension for routing traffic over tor. It instruments tor to switch to a new circuit after every N requests.
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TorIpRotate Burp Extension


  1. Download the extension from the releases.
  2. Add the extension using the Add button at the Extender Tab.

Basic Usage

  1. At the time of writing the SOCKS proxy feature in burp hasn't really worked, therefore you might need to setup privoxy or something similar. For privoxy, you should add something like the following to your config:

    forward-socks5t / .
  2. To use the tor control port, add the following lines to your torrc (usually at /etc/tor/torrc)

    ControlPort 9051
    HashedControlPassword 16:2A55904034FFDE2D600B14BECF457C58B83CFC2C82DFD5A7AE7A905FCC

    You can get a hashed password by using:

    tor --hash-password password
  3. After you made sure that burpsuite is working with tor properly, go to the Tor Ip Rotate tab and set everything up.

  4. Afterwards, check the Tor Ip Rotate active checkbox.

  5. If you have the option to check new IP addresses marked, you should probably go to the Extender tab to view the log there, or configure the extension to log to somewhere else.

Building from Source

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Use maven to build the project: mvn packaage.
  3. Add toriprotate-1.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar like described at Setup. Make sure you pick the right one, the other jar without with dependencies won't work.
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